Our Story

Our Story

Our family dream
Creating a legacy of
whiskey excellence

Inspired by Ireland’s Golden Era of Irish Whiskey

Established by Bernard and Rosemary Walsh in 1999, Walsh Whiskey is a family business dedicated to playing a part in the revival of Irish whiskey as one of the world’s most appreciated spirits.

& craft

We create contemporary innovations and expressions for the pleasure of palates of a new era, using the backdrop of timeworn recipes from Ireland’s golden era of whiskey distilling.

We are whiskey creators with a purpose and enthusiasm to question, create, experiment, challenge and, ultimately, to make things better.

Our philosophy is anchored in the Walsh family motto which is ‘Never Say Die’. And that resilient attitude, along with our passion, innovation and attention-to-detail drive our family’s dream to create a legacy of whiskey excellence.

Our Values


We live up to the Walsh family motto which is ‘Never Say Die’. If we don’t succeed first time round we will continue to try until we do.


We believe in the power of imagination to create new ideas, solve problems and develop exciting whiskeys.


We believe in constant progress and always look to the future for new opportunities.


We are warm and respectful in how we act and treat others.


We are a family business with strong values. We endeavour to do the right thing and never compromise with shortcuts.


We always think about the long-term implications of everything we do and how we do it.

We will live our values with a spirit of fun and enjoyment and where we fail or make mistakes, we will learn and try again.



The History

Having established Walsh Whiskey in 1999, Bernard and Rosemary Walsh are on a life-journey of exploration to create the perfect drop of whiskey imaginable. As their journey and creations evolve, Bernard and Rosemary have built an international following for their portfolio of super-premium, award-winning whiskeys: The Irishman and Writers’ Tears.
Both brands offer taste profiles that are unique, through the recreation of traditional Irish whiskey recipes from the 19th Century – Ireland’s golden era of whiskey distilling. While honouring the past, Bernard and Rosemary also introduce truly innovative new expressions for contemporary palates in a modern era.

As whiskey creators, we work with a range of carefully selected partners to explore how different grains, whiskey styles and woods interact and contribute to taste over time – plenty of it! We seek-out the best styles and distillates in Ireland, as well as casks from the four corners of the world. When cask-hunting, we look for, not just those of the highest wood quality and barrel structure but, most importantly, the ones that have been seasoned with exceptional liquid.

Our journey has led us to:

Produce Irish whiskey’s first blends of premium Pot Still & Malt whiskeys – ‘the Champagne of Irish whiskey’ – in this new golden age of Irish Whiskey.

In 2008, create Irish whiskey’s first cask strength whiskey of the modern era.

Build the largest manually operated distillery in Ireland, uniquely distilling all 3 styles of Irish whiskey under one roof.

While we have divested from our own distillery, it is a significant milestone in our whiskey journey.

Craft the world’s first distillation of Organic Single Pot Still.

Explore and introduce a range of unprecedented cask finishes
in the Irish whiskey category.

As we continue our quest for the perfect drop, or Taoscán [Tash-cawn] as we say in Ireland, we hope you’ll join us on our journey!

Bernard and Rosemary Walsh

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