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The Irishman Single Malt steals the show in Limburg

Carlow, Ireland

The Irishman Single Malt wowed the crowd at Limburg Whiskey Fair.

I recently flew over to the small and charming city of Limburg in the West of Germany for the famous and world-renowned Limburg Whiskey Fair 2017. Limburg sits in between Koplenz and Frankfurt and is a quiet, pleasant and sleepy city for most of the year. All this changes every year though when the whiskey fair comes to town, and thousands of enthusiastic whiskey nuts descend on the Josef Kohlmaier Halle, a large events centre in the heart of the city. This year over seven thousand people attended.

Walsh Whiskey Distillery at Limburg Whiskey Fair 2017

 I had the distinct pleasure to work with our distributor for The Irishman range in Germany, Kammer-Kirsch. The stall was managed by the very entertaining Jon Wells, an Englishman wearing a Scottish Kilt. I think it was one of the most hectic shows I have attended in my capacity as a brand ambassador for Walsh Whiskey Distillery.

Attendees came from all over Germany and beyond. There was a jovial atmosphere in the Halle and even after several hours of sampling dozens of whiskies the attendees were impeccably behaved.

The Irishman got a very good reaction, even if it was on a stall dominated by Scottish brands. The hands down favourite was The Irishman Single Malt – attendees couldn’t get enough of it. They loved the twin wood aging and the beautiful and balanced flavours from the Bourbon and Oloroso sherry casks.

Limburg is one of the best whiskey shows in Europe and I am already looking forward to returning again next year.

– Sean