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Pot Still Inspection

Carlow, Ireland

Pot Stills A Closer Reality

Scotland, July 2015 – Excitement ensues as the moment gets closer for the arrival of the Pots from Forsyth’s. Even as the distillery building is being constructed, Frank O’Rourke and James O’Donoghue travelled to Scotland to review progress on the handmade copper pots that will surely be a focal point in the Distillery.

Bernard Walsh was to say, “We chose to use glass so we can showcase these beautiful copper pot stills.  It will be an amazing site for us all when we welcome these pots to the site in September.”

The work is being done by the long established firm, Forsyths.  Established in 1890, they have a long tradition of creating handcrafted and hand shaped pots.

We look forward to welcoming these pots as they arrive on the grounds of Royal Oak to become a permanent part of Walsh Whiskey Distillery.